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... Without Relying On Boring Cookie-Cutter Scripts That Don’t Work, Overpaying Sales People Who Don’t Deliver Or Agitating Your Prospects So They Pick Up The Phone!
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Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’d like to potentially add tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and perhaps even millions in new sales to your bottom line every month, keep reading to discover how you can access our “Award Winning Secret Weapon” responsible for generating $1 Million Dollars or more per month in premium and high-ticket offer sales 100% over the phone!

It’s no secret that selling online is the way to go, especially during economic hard times. 

But did you know the one skillset that is necessary for this is Selling. 

Selling is the number 1 most important skill needed by a business owner, and their sales reps.
From creating offers, value ladders, to creating products, selling skills are required!

It’s also no secret that skilled sales reps—whether that’s you or your team—create predictability, scalability, and sustainability in your company when they can actually close sales consistently…

By helping you make MORE money NOW.

With online, there are almost limitless ways to make more money, especially by adding High & Premium ticket offers to your value ladder…But to scale your brand and company efficiently, you MUST have the sales part dialed in tight. 

Creating and Selling High & Premium ticket offers are the proven and most powerful way to add income to nearly any business.

This is exactly what we specialize in!

Between all of the self proclaimed sales gurus out there and those with a magical cookie cutter script it’s hard to close the majority or ALL of your sales calls.

It’s no secret that MANY entrepreneurs do not know how to sell high ticket items consistently, and by not having High and Premium ticket items, they are missing the opportunity to impact their buyers in the biggest and most impactful way.

The bigger the offer done right, the greater the impact, and the more efficiently you can scale your company.

Those that aren't successful are often burdened by…

  • Not knowing what offers will sell
  • Lack of clarity on the most effective sales language for their offers and their prospects…
  • Disorganization around the sales process itself…
  • ​What to say, when to say it and how to say it...
ALL of which leads to low close rates, irate prospects who won’t take your call past “hello”, and potentially hundreds of thousands in lost revenue.

After introducing phone sales into our business, leading to multiple 7- & 8-figure awards for ourselves and our partners, we noticed a MASSIVE need for proper phone sales training and education.
So we started making it available to our partners (because, much to our astonishment, even people at high levels rarely have a phone sales system as effective as the one we use every day).

Up until now, the “secret weapon” responsible for multiple 7- & 8-figure milestones in both our business and in our clients and partners’ businesses was ONLY available to our amazing partners.

But if you’re reading this right now you’re in luck, because for the first time ever, we’re making our “award winning secret weapon” available outside of our partnerships!


Stephanie Dulaney

Award Winning Secret Weapon Responsible For Over $100 MILLION In Phone Sales!

An owner of multiple businesses since 2005 with an MBA in marketing, Stephanie Dulaney is formally trained by a Fortune 100 Company and was one of their TOP SALES rep and referral generator for over eight years.
Stephanie sold premium and high-ticket offers for over 12 years and has topped $1 Million Dollars+ per MONTH of high and premium ticket offers sold 100% over the phone WITHOUT ever needing to be on Zoom or any video sharing platform.

Plus, Stephanie coaches 7 and 8 figure companies & brands to achieve consistently high closing ratios.

With decades spent in the trenches learning how to sell high-ticket and premium-ticket offers, no one is more qualified than Stephanie to help your business explode its bottom line with custom high & premium ticket phone sales.

So, if you’d like to get access to her unparalleled phone sales expertise so you can start predictably bringing in thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions more in sales NOW, click the apply button below to fill out an application and book a discovery call with our team.

If you’re accepted after applying for this exclusive opportunity, Stephanie will work with your team to help you:

  • Close MORE Sales and grow your bottom line selling your $5K, $10K, $15k, $25k, $50K or higher offers
  • ​Improve marketing, sales, and the offer connection, which is vital to Stop Losing Sales
  • ​Transform into an efficient, but personable selling machine (so prospects buy because they feel seen and heard rather than hanging up the phone because they feel “sold to” or “closed”)
  • ​Grow your rock star sales team so you can make more money AND get more of your time back by scaling your mid to high ticket offers
  • ​Extend buyers’ life cycles, since people who buy are the most likely to buy again in the future
  • ​Enjoy and find fulfillment and purpose in selling (instead of feeling sleazy or sounding like a robot) because you’ll actually feel like you’re helping people as selling should be

Business-transforming access to these Original and Proven AWARD WINNING Sales Strategies responsible for $100M+ worth of results includes:

  • Your customized sales script, which gives you (or your sales) team a blueprint for high-converting phone sales without scrubbing out the humanity your prospect needs to feel connected and safe buying from you.
  • ​Training you or your sales team on successful delivery of your customized sales script, so you can improve closing ratios and increase revenue.
  • ​Training on how to go OFF-SCRIPT, because an organic conversation with your prospect may require it, and nothing kills sales faster than a salesperson who sounds scripted!
  • ​Understanding Buyer Typologies so you know exactly how to approach a prospect in the way most likely to inspire a sale.
  • ​One-on-one training with your salesperson to transform them into a high-converting phone sales machine.
  • ​Your Free Custom Database and Lead Management System (including software) to help you efficiently keep track of who bought and who didn’t, so you can manage follow up and make new offers to buyers.
  • ​Custom KPI Consulting to help you get and stay rock solid on reaching all your business goals.
  • ​Help With Incentive-Based Pay Models to keep your sales team motivated to produce results.
  • ​“Speciality Sales” training for even more revenue opportunities.
  • ​Training on how to ask for referrals, leading to higher-quality leads who are more likely to buy.
  • ​A private opportunity for ongoing sales training and sales team growth for continued access to Stephanie’s “$100 Million Dollar” expertise beyond your customized script, sales training, database and lead management, and KPI consulting.
With more awards than nearly anyone in the entire Clickfunnels community of more than 104,000 people, we’ve produced results for people starting with nothing and all the way up to brands like Tony Robbins & Russell Brunson.

We’re excited to put our track record of success and Original and Proven Award Winning Sales Strategies responsible for $100M+ worth of results to work in YOUR company.

To get started, click the apply now button below to fill out your application and schedule a discovery call with our team.
Just think…in a few short months you could be struggling along at a slow, tedious climb to the top…

OR you could be adding thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions in revenue through these exclusive Fortune 100 Sales Strategies responsible for over $100 Million in sales.

To eliminate the guesswork, frustration, and failure from high-converting phone sales and to use them to predictably, efficiently, and sustainably scale your business while freeing up your time, click the button below to fill out your application and schedule a discovery call with our team.

In your corner,
Bryan & Stephanie Dulaney

What Others Say About

Stephanie Dulaney…


“Bryan & Stephanie Dulaney Are The Top 1% of All Marketers & Funnel Experts in the World!”
- Tony Robbins
“Bryan Dulaney is One of The Top Marketers in the World for Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi On Their Two Biggest Launches. If Bryan can do it for them twice... Bryan certainly can help you launch your expertise & scale your impact.”
- Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
“Bryan had the proof. Bryan had the real experience, not only in his own business and what he had done, but with other clients that he had worked with.
When we looked at what Bryan had to offer, the results that came with Bryan and his package spoke for themselves. That was really what pushed us over the edge.”
- Ryan D. Lee
“Since then we have generated over $11M and have received our 2CCX Award & Ring from ClickFunnels & Russell Brunson at Funnel Hacking Live 2020.
I want to thank and give kudos to Bryan Dulaney and Stephanie Dulaney for their belief in me, seeing my vision, and their expertise and the expertise of their team to help me bring my knowledge and skills to the world… this award represents FREEDOM to my family and I. THANK YOU”
- Chimene Van Gundy
“Bryan is someone you should hire and he is someone who is amazing to learn from!”
- Russell Brunson


How is this different?
This service has only been reserved for our private high level clients and partners until now.

It is a Proven Way (Over $100 Million In Results To Back It Up) To Sell & Consistently Close High & Premium Ticket Offers through the phone (without using zoom, Skype or Video Sharing platforms) and without being awkward or pushy yet not boring either!

It's also not some "cookie-cutter" formula that most sales trainers use.  It's 100% custom tailored to you, your brand and your audience and designed for high conversion rates and impact.
How do I know if this is real?
Our company was growing and sales & revenue were fairly consistent and growing, but as soon as Stephanie joined Perfect Funnel System, sales began to explode and she crushed every record of sales we ever had experienced before.

You see, Stephanie used her 8 years of experience of selling an average of $1 Million per month (sometimes much higher) for a Fortune 100 company for our business.

Therefore, adding someone to your team who can sell high & premium tickets offers for you can help you stop losing sales as well as 10x your sales, which will 10x your impact.
Why now?
We only work with a handful of the right people at a given time with great offers that truly help people. 

Only those who apply now will get access to my "Award Winning Secret Weapon" (Stephanie Dulaney) who will help you with your custom high or premium ticket sales script that you or your team can use for your phone sales.
What's in it for me?
Finally be able to produce 7 or 8 figures in revenue by serving people who are happy to give you money without building a course, hosting webinars, challenges or events for that matter... as this is focused on selling through a phone sales team or dedicated person who is selling into your backend high or premium ticket offers.

Hands down this produces the greatest results for you and for those you serve.

This gives you a system you can scale up or down as you like with a team or with a single person dedicated to selling for you.

When you master selling your high & premium ticket offers, you will never worry about money or where your next client is going to come from again.
How does it work?
Click the "Apply Now" button on this page and fill out the application to the best of your ability.  The more information you provide us the better.

After you complete the application, you will be prompted to schedule a call with our team so we can talk and determine how we can best serve you at where you are in your business.

Lastly, the call will be 30 minutes with Stephanie herself so she can learn more about what you do and how we can help you take your business to the next level of impact and abundance as it relates to selling your high & premium ticket offers.

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